Why is the "Changjin Lake" to top China’s shadow history box office list?

Why is the "Changjin Lake" to top China’s shadow history box office list?

  The data of Ren Wei National Film Bureau showed that the film "Changjin Lake" box office broke through 100 million yuan, surpassing "Wolf II" became a Chinese shadow historical championship.

Since the release of September 30, "Changjin Lake" has been refreshed in China’s video history, leading the annual global movie box office.

  Why can I "Changjin Lake"? The new record is full. New records, highlight the spirit and strength of Chinese filmmakers, the strength and potential of China’s film industry.

The success of "Changjin Lake" originated from the careful grinding of the creator, the spontaneous support of the audience, the solidarity support of the film industry.

Under the Central Propaganda Department, under the guidance of the National Film Bureau, the film took the Bona shadow industry, the Bayi Movie Production Factory, and the joints of the joint products were several tens of people, which can be described as the force of the whole industry in the film industry.

More than two years of creating, participating more than 70,000 actors.

Thermally empirically made the good reputation of the film and the recognition of the audience. Have the audience to reread the history of anti-American aid, with the spirit of the audience, and the spirit of the anti-US aid fighter, many viewers walk into the cinema that has not stepped into. In Hong Kong, the first week’s box office broke through thousands of Hong Kong coins. There were Hong Kong audiences to watch "This is the most vivid patriotic education class".

  New records, reflect the toughness and vitality of the Chinese film market, and also inject confidence and motivation for comprehensive recovery of the global film industry.

Behind more than 100 million box office, it is a team of billions of audiences, is a powerful support of the current China Movie Total Book Office and the Number of Silver.

In recent years, the style of China’s movie is more diverse, the creation quality is remarkable, and a batch of high-quality domestic film has won the favorite of the audience, and the market subject status of domestic film is constantly consolidated.

At present, the top 10 in the Chinese film market box office list, the domestic film accounts for 9 seats and all 5 years of work, the top 6 is the national product.

Up to now, this year’s national film total box office is more than 43.9 billion yuan, the number of silver is 8,1215, and the ticket office is over 100 million film. Among them, there are 35 domestic films, the total box office is far from the main movie market in the world, and it has proved China with strength. The movie is strong, and the confidence in the waves travel and the bottom gas.

  New records, once again proved that the literature and art will write for the people, vocalize the era, meet the cultural needs of people’s cultural needs, and enhance the cultural works of the people’s spiritual power, they will win the favor of the people.

With the in-depth of "four history" education, the vast audience, especially the culture of the teenagers, more confident, history is clearer, the family’s feelings are more strong, and the "Changjin Lake", the "Changjin Lake", which is close to the party, to achieve literary creation and era. The same frequency resonance in the people needs.

The filmman took the sincerity of the people, sincere creation attitude, the story of the anti-US aid DPRK, the hero’s image was created, and the Chinese People’s Volunteers won, why did the Chinese Communist Party can have a historical logic, vigorously promote the great anti-US assistance? The spirit, the Chinese people’s patriotic enthusiasm, the fare of the family is tightly linked.

It also reveals the strong literary staff, the strength of the literary and art, the weight of the literary workers, only do not forget the initiative and mission, with the times, with the motherland, with the people, always take the people as the people The warehouse of the work can answer the topic of the new era, condense the power of the era. The new record is also a new starting point. I hope that China’s film has emerged more boutique forces, continuously climbing with art peaks, moving towards movie strong country! .

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