Xiang coal group: draw red kinetic energy construction century-old coal

Xiang coal group: draw red kinetic energy construction century-old coal

[] [Xinhua Company Information July 19] Hunan coal history has a deep-rooted red memory.

Hunan Coal Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xiang Coal Group"), the earliest date can be traced back to a hundred years ago, Chairman Mao and the deep origin of coal mine workers. These red resources are both the material of the group’s story of the Hunan Coal Party. It is also the "spiritual god" of the group, "root soul".

  The picture shows the construction of the intelligent coal mining unit of Xiang Coal Group to build a 100-year-old Xiang coal in the basis of the basis for the construction of a hundred years. In recent years, the Group has proposed "Safety is the biggest political, biggest benefit, the biggest benefits" and "ensuring safety is the primary task of coal mine enterprises. It is the primary responsibility of coal mine leadership." Safety concept, adhere to iron-craftsonal security.

The Group has retired a large accident for 4 consecutive years, and the Hunan state-owned coal mine safety production has been good.

  This year is the 100th anniversary of the party, and it is also the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Xiang Coal Group is to adhere to "life first, safety first", always put safety production in the first place, hold the safety red line. The second is to compare the responsibility of safety production, further improve the headquarters, administer, raw coal company, coal mine level four-level safety production responsibility system, to be responsible, managed, put, training, emergency disposal, establish and improve safety and long-term mechanism. The third is to arrange the "three-year action" arrangement for safety production.

The fourth is to further strengthen on-site management, focus on key shifts, key people, key links, key time, and priorities. The fifth is to steadily improve the level of mechanization, automation, information, intelligent levels, enhance mine safety security capacity, and achieve safety production, and realize the long-term "long-term" long-term "long-term steady", and the long-term "long-term" long-term "maintenance, the period of the cycle is stable and the essential safety". Safety foundation of coal.

  With the reform of the construction of a hundred years of Xiang coal, the construction of a hundred years of Xiang coal, reform is the driving force. The Hunan coal group staff, the burden is heavy, the efficiency is low, and the management has always been a problem.

In recent years, the Group’s party committee has firmly grasped the positioning rights, strategic rights, and operations, and actively put Xiang coal into the large-scale landscape of Hunan Province, and formulated and implemented the "group company to deepen the overall reform Program ", layout structure adjustment and enterprise reorganization integration have been basically completed. At the same time, actively strive, solve Xiangtan and Chenxi two mine policy bankruptcy issues, and promote the "three-to-one industry" and social function peeling transfer, "pressure level, minister, to zombies" and other reform tasks, alleviating The burden of the company has improved operational performance.

  Next, the group should look at "14th Five-Year Plan", according to the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, based on the actual situation of Xiangcao, and continue to deepen a new round of reforms. First, we must take the opportunity to receive newly transferred companies, enhance the industry’s basic capabilities and industrial chain. Second, completely complete the stripping enterprise to run social functions and solve historical legacy problems.

The third is to improve the market management mechanism, promote the pilot of professional managers, managers and contractual management.

The fourth is to carry out the "headquarters organization" governance, and promote "venting service" reform.

The fifth is to continue to deepen the "three systems" reform, promote the innovation of institutional mechanism, improve the three major mechanisms of "competition, reward, elimination".

  Construct a hundred years of Xiangyang coal with high-efficiency and full hundred years, the benefits are life. From 2018 to 2020, the Group has built a hundred billion yuan for three consecutive years, and the profit and tax contribute to nearly 1 billion yuan, and the profit is stable in to 100 million yuan.

The company’s strength is continuously enhanced, and the nation’s industry ranked 55th in the new team was among the current 41st. The 2020 group was elected as the vice president unit of China Coal Industry Association, and became an important representative of the southern coal enterprises. In the new stage of development, the Group is constantly increasingly increasing by the benefit.

First, the transformation should be beneficial. The coal sector should be transformed into modern coal supply of integrated service providers; the construction section should transform to a large-scale comprehensive service-type enterprise integrating "construction, management, integration"; LED chip plates should be transformed into product manufacturing, technology output enterprises, and more.

The second is to benefit from the market. Promote all cadres and workers to change their ideas, innovate and optimize sales service models, and cultivate new profit growth points. The third is to manage management.

Promote the comprehensive upgrade of internal control levels in the enterprise by further strengthening financial, funds, special supervision, legal supervision and information construction.

The fourth is to be efficient to innovation. From the main business of the coal, build an industrial platform, refacture industrial ecology, and complete the construction of Zhouyuan Mountain’s smart mine. We must focus on building a Gas Governance Research Center, General Equipment Research Center and other scientific and technological innovation platforms, and establish an encouragement mechanism of engineering and technical personnel, and improve the overall scientific research and research level.

  With the party building, the rudder of Xiangyang coal is built in the rudder of Xiangyang, and the party building is leading. The new team arrives, and the strengthening party building leads, unified value pursuit, and firm development confidence in the primary location, strengthening organizational leadership, strengthening grassroots organization construction, grasping the construction of the cadre team, and strengthening and implementing ideology work Six aspects such as the construction of peaceful construction, give full play to the role of the party organization to put the direction, management overall situation, and implement.

  In the major historical stages of the 100th anniversary of the party, the Group is in the opportunity of party history and education, and earnestly promotes the depth integration of party building work and central work, reform and development, management and management, and effectively transforms party history education results into productivity.

Highlight the party’s political construction as a guide, grasp the high-quality development direction of the enterprise; In order to focus, create a high-quality development ecology; to implement the key tasks of the party’s party responsibility as the fundamental, strengthen high-quality development guarantee, and promote the promotion and upgrading of party building work, lead the high-quality development of enterprises, and ensure the Group’s "14th Five" "Opening a good bureau, take a good step, and vigorously implement the" three high-tech new "strategy, struggling to build a modern new Hunan to show Xiangxiang coal, contribute to Xiang coal.

  Taking culturally cast a hundred years of Xiang coal’s soul construction of a hundred years of Xiang coal, culture is a soul. Since 2016, through reshaping corporate culture, "three Xiangyang" "three community" cultural ideas are deeply rooted in people, "integrity, dedication, struggle, team and master" team spirit have been widely recognized, "unified, letter," Corporate Code of Conduct is consciously followed, and all the ideological foundations of allocation, and the ideological foundation of common struggle is more secure. Make "14th Five-Year Plan", the group must create a group of social influential Xiangcao cultural activities, create a group of Xiang coal cultural boutiques and create a unique corporate culture in the characteristics of unique coal. Specifically, we must constantly improve the "building a harmonious, honest, efficient Xiang coal" "to build a responsibility, feelings, and interest community" as the core cultural concept of the enterprise, and "do the Hunan Energy Guard the main platform" for the company’s mission, " The country has a large influence of energy industrial investment holding group, the largest coal supply comprehensive service provider in the province "is" the "Orientation, Fully fight" "" No Struggle and Unhappy Coal "as the spirit of the enterprise, Letter, for the "Corporate Code of Conduct," Coal-casting steel cast iron, miners is not strong ", to make professionalism and corporate culture effective combination, let Xiang coal cultural ideas into Xiang coal people build a hundred years of Hunan The inexhaustible motivation of coal.

  To serve as a hundred years of Xiang coal, he is a character. The group company starts with social responsibility to the shoulders. First, energy security is significant. From 2006 to 2020, the whole group has produced more than 96 million tons of raw coal, including more than 40 million tons of electric coal. In the maintenance of coal-saving power in calendar year, the provincial coal supply is ensured. During the 2020 new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Group took the initiative to bear the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, one hand to catch epidemic, one hand security, and contributed Xiang coal forces for the energy security during the Hunan Province.

The second is to improve people’s livelihood. Adhere to the people-oriented, actively carry out poverty alleviation and help activities, visit the inner visibility of poor and sick workers, the three kings villages in Guangfuqiao Town, Ci Li County Ten thousand yuan to set up a villager to help funds, help village collective to create an original ecological cultural tourism circle, to achieve "self-heating", and establish a degradable style in the province. The third is difficult to show.

After the waterproof accident occurred in Yuanjiang Mountain Coal Mine, the Group listened from the provincial government, the provincial government, the staff of 11 units, put into water pump, hydraulic rig, explosion-proof switch and other rescue materials, overcome heavy difficulties and safety risks, excellent completion of the headquarters The key rescue work task of issuing is issued, and the role of the state-owned enterprise is played.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Xiang coal will be based on "30 million tons of coal production and sales, the annual income of 20 billion yuan, the total profit and tax is 2 billion yuan", " Historical responsibility given. Replay, then start, contribute to Xiang coal power for the "three high four new" strategies in Hunan Province.

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