The 4th Ancient Village Congress released the "New Declaration" on the shore of the Yellow River

The 4th Ancient Village Congress released the "New Declaration" on the shore of the Yellow River

  On May 24, the 4th Ancient Village Town Conference opened in Lu Liang, the first town of Jiuqu Yellow River, opened the ancient town of Lu Lun County, Shanxi. More than 50 cross-border speakers were shared and released the "New Declaration of the Protection and Development of Chinese Ancient Village Towns" and appealed to "Governments at all levels continued to increase the protection of ancient villages." The 4th Ancient Village Congress opened.

Xinhua Net (Feng Shuai) Ancient Village Town contains a deep historical and cultural charm, and is the "activated stone" of rural historical culture.

In 2005, a group of experts and scholars, such as the China Urban Planning Society, and a group of experts scholars held an international seminar and published the "Declaration of the Protection and Development of Chinese Ancient Village", which has an important role in promoting the protection of ancient villages.

  The relevant person in charge of Lu Liang said that Lu Liang has a fortunate to hold the 4th Ancient Village Conference. After 14 years, I will release the new 碛碛 declaration again, and will infuse new ideas, new consensus, new strength, glow for the activation and development of the ancient town. Starting from the new vitality of Chinese ancient villages, and helps Luliang’s rural cultural revitalization, help the old district to take off the poverty and transformation. The current conference set up a chair report on the "Yellow River Traditional Times Life" theme and "Rural Revitalization, Wenbao Integration, Protection and Activation", combined with the development trend and hot problem of ancient villages, and jointly discusses culture, There is a connotation, there is a special, sustainable road.

  At the opening meeting, "2019 netizen’s favorite ten octavious village town" was officially released.

Wuzhen, Lijiang Ancient City, Xitang Ancient Town, Hongcun, Qikou Ancient Town, Huang Yao Ancient Town, Fenghuang Ancient City, Xijiang Qianxian Miao Village, Zhouzhuang, Wuyuan Yuling Ten Ancient Village Town.

"2019 netizen’s favorite Ten Township Town" awards scene. Xinhua Net (Liu Shengfeng photographed) The General Assembly also conducted a series of activities in the same period, "picking up a" cultural pathway, the mouth night market, "Xia Road meet" film screening, non-legacy performance and village flash flash and other activities.

  碛 古 古 镇, 西 西 陕甘 蒙, 望 津 冀, is a historical and cultural town of Chinese historical and cultural countries.

Existing pier, inn, shop, temple in ancient town, reflecting the cultural relics of the mouth. The streets of the mouth are stationed, and the shore of the Yellow River is settled in the river.

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