Tongling and Shanghai Whampoa reach credit integration strategic cooperation

Tongling and Shanghai Whampoa reach credit integration strategic cooperation

  In order to implement the integrated national strategy of the Yangtze River Delta region, on the afternoon of November 9, Tongling City and Wuhu City, Handan City, Shanghai Huangpu District Linearline Signing Ceremony. At the meeting, the Four Places Development Reform Commission jointly signed "Huangpu District, Shanghai, Huangpu District, Anhui Province, and the Secretary of Credit Integration Strategic Cooperation Agreement", "will be explored in a deeper level at a deeper level. Urban credit cooperation mechanism, speed up integration.

  With the continuous expansion of economic scale in the Yangtze River Delta, the company’s cross-provincial and municipal trading cooperation has frequently requested a higher demand for the construction of social credit system, and the integration of credit integration is to create a good business environment. The construction of Tongling Social Credit System is early, and Tongling City continuously explores socialized Huimin measures, and the construction of social credit system has achieved substantive breakthroughs, and therefore has a solid foundation for promoting regional synergy. The strategic cooperation agreement signed this time aims to promote the construction of a credit system, which will provide a good credit environment for regional economic and social health in accordance with the basic principles of "complementary, pragmatic and efficient, cooperative and win-win, common development". .

  This signing marks the new beginning of Tongling City, Wuhu City, and Handan City and Huangpu District Credit Strategic Cooperation.

Next, four places will plan to gradually advance from mechanisms, application scenarios.

On the basis of the strategic cooperation agreement, jointly promote cooperation, establish a normalization, institutionalized working mechanism, and ensure effectiveness of credit integration construction.

(The correspondent Wu Bin Ni Wenguang).

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