Zhejiang U18 female football team won the runner-up of the National Games, creating a new history of Zhejiang football

Zhejiang U18 female football team won the runner-up of the National Games, creating a new history of Zhejiang football

  Recently, the Shaanxi National Games women’s football U18 group was held in Baoji City Stadium, and the Zhejiang U18 women’s football team in the finals of the National Games finally faced the traditional strong team, defending the champion Shanghai team.

Although they finally got a runner-up at 1 to 4, a silver medal has created the best results of the Zhejiang women’s football project in the Games. Never being optimistic to the almost "one black to the end" runner-up, the girls are proud of this National Games, Zhejiang U18 women’s football is not optimistic about the outside world, but they can see surprises every game.

The first game of the group, facing the host Shaanxi, the Zhejiang team fully played its own advantages of entering the state, soon, even the two goals were robbed, and finally 2-1 won the first victory. The second game of the team, facing the Guangdong team who has worked many times in recent years but never wins, the team played his own tenacious strength, and the opponent became 0 to 0. The goalkeeper Mei Yan Yan played the gods, not only in the regular competition time, but also in the last spotball battle, he fell out two points and became the number one hell of the team.

In the end, the group two-game winning Zhejiang U18 women’s football, and also locked the top four seats in advance. After entering the semi-final, the opponent is the best in this competition, and the opponent also eliminated Jiangsu to the top four in the group stage. In the competition, the Zhejiang team used the opponent’s defense line to make a match, and finally defeated the opponent in the finals, and became the most unexpected black horse in this National Games. Although in the finals, the Shanghai team who was over-held in the 17th National Championship, Zhejiang U18 women failed to "one black to the end", but the final results of the runner-up have been proud of this group of 18-year-old girls. The head coach Li Zhu also said a sentence after the two, the disciple of this group of 5 years after the game: "Thank you!" Creation on the "Black Horse Miracle" is not a chartered provincial team municipal model game team stable growth in all entry In the eight teams of the National Final Final Circle, the overall strength of Zhejiang U18 women’s football is not a prominent, but they wins to have a tenacious strength, and the tacit understanding of the teammates over the years.

  At the beginning of the 2016 team, each of them can only rush to 10 in the same age team in the country, and a game has been in the opponent to go to four or five balls, but they don’t have someone to retreat. The head coach Li Zhu also encouraged them again and again. "You are all because I like to play the ball, I have to give up very easy, but as long as you stick to it, we will definitely be more than any team. Difference.

"This persistence also has a return.

In 2017, on the national women’s football championship, the team was awarded the first "Black Horse Miracle" with excellent play, and also let the girls have seen the direction of the future.

  After that, the team has experienced a series of difficulties such as sponsors withdrawal. It is good to rely on the provincial team, the provincial and municipal sports department and the Football Association have always guaranteed daily operations and preparations for the National Operations. Funds. During the National Games, the Zhejiang Provincial Football Association established a multi-party coordination, and fully guaranteeing the training preparation of the team in the fullhead cycle.

According to Guo Chen, the team leader, from the construction of the team, there is almost no loss, has maintained a stability of the lineup, which is very important for a team that is in a growth and rising phase.

  "Nowadays, domestic female football team is very common because of various reasons, and Zhejiang is a non-traditional female football strongest. In recent years, relying on the provincial team municipal office model, through the provincial and municipal two levels of power, it can be allowed The team can be safely prepared by the person in the case of stability. "Zhejiang Provincial Football Association Secretary Li Baixuan said. Next, some of the team members in this team will enter the adult team to fight the women’s super league, and another team will go to the university, they have to face the next stage of their lives.

With this experience, I believe they will go farther on their respective roads.

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