"Blowing Measured New Crown" becomes possible

"Blowing Measured New Crown" becomes possible

Don’t use the throat "" poke the nose ", don’t wait 24 hours, just exhale for 30 seconds in the small bag, you can get new crown test results in 5-10 minutes – with the efforts of Chinese scientists, such technology It is no longer a dream.

A paper published in the International Academic Publication "Respiratory Magazine" shows that the Beijing University Environmental College must cooperate with Professor Professor of Beijing and the Beijing Chaoyang District Center for Disease Prevention and Control, Integrated exhalation, gas chromatography – ion migration Spectrum detection and machine learning model, developed new crown infectionless exhaled volatile organic combination fingerprint screening system, which has applied for national invention patents. To explain the principles behind the technology reporter: Due to changes in energy consumption, the chemical composition of new crown infections exhaled gas appears. Experiments show that new crown patients and other respiratory diseases patients have a significant increase in health subjects than healthy subjects, while new crown patients exhale compared to other respiratory infections and health subjects significantly reduced.

The research team analyzes the output of different control groups and its background ambient air to identify 12 key endogenous VOCS (volatile organic matter) markers. These markers are the screening identification of the unique "fingerprint" of new crown infections to distinguish between health and other respiratory diseases.

There is no need for any test reagents in the test, and the subject uses a disposable breathing bag as long as exhaling is 30 seconds. After obtaining an exhaust gas sample, the system combines the supporting vector, gradient acceleration and random forest three machine learning algorithms to model 12 key VOCS markers, fastest to realize rapid screening of new crown patients within 5-10 minutes.

Based on the existing data model, the specificity and sensitivity of the test reached more than 95%. Compared with nucleic acid detection, this method is not only easy to save, but also very economical.

"The experiment has proven that this method is effective.

Test is not only fast, but also sensitive enough.

"To introduce," "From experiments to clinical, need more sample quantities. "Previously, 74 new crown patients, 30 patients with new crown respiratory, and 87 medical staff and health subjects. At present, new crown infectionless exhaled gas screening system is planning to expand the sample quantity, carry out Further optimization and testing to achieve promotion applications.

It is necessary to supplement that new crown nucleic acid detection sometimes "false negative" issues. In the epidemic prevention and control, false negative (ie, the actual infection of new crown but detects is negative) will bring huge hidden dangers, especially under the vulnerability of nucleic acids, and isolation.

Many places and scenarios need to quickly screen, such as high-level meetings, customs entry, special flights, isolation hotels, and hospitals.

In these places, non-invasive exhalation screening systems are expected to play additional auxiliary roles, filling nucleic acid detection in time and sensitivity, to achieve "double insurance", reduce the risk of neoguanponic transmission.

According to international media reports, researchers such as Singapore, Japan, Indonesia since 2020 have developed "breathing test new crown" technology. In this regard, we must point out that the Chinese research team is the earliest achievement. "At the beginning of the new crown epidemic, we were developing this technology.

In June 2020, we have published research results in the form of a premium version, which is the earliest within international scope. "To emphasize. (Intern of Journalist Sun Mingyuan).

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