[Good Book Sharing] Sixth Book Single Plugs Give for Children

[Good Book Sharing] Sixth Book Single Plugs Give for Children

"What’s wrong with our earth"/painting: [English] Oliver West [British] David West translator: Lu Jingnan’s vast and charming universe, countless planets quietly waiting in their respective stars Domain. Among them, there is a blue, beautiful planet, the earth, the most unique and charming.

It is so amazing and great, breeding all things in the world; it is so fragile, lonely and scarred.

With the development of the industrial revolution and today’s economy, human damage to the earth has also intensified.

This set of books contains "The Earth with Color", "Come to Save Wildlife", "The Climate Warm is terrible", "The Ocean of the injury is crying", "We eat the Earth", "Magical Renewable Energy" 6 The big theme is to tell readers that our earth, the only star that humans live in survival, are suffering from brutal suffering, and it has already hurt the bruises. At the end of this set of books, the author told the children that people were trying to rely on technological progress to solve the problem of increasingly lacking energy and resources, and when facing environmental degradation and many other common crises and challenges, people were trying to solve the problem of increasingly lacking energy and resources. Human society can make efforts and choices.

"When the Universe is smaller than oranges",/paint: [Australia] Philip Bang court translator: How can Mao Taro universe be smaller than oranges and become boundless? How does the raw materials that make up all things appear in a short time than eating a ice cream? Why do you say that you, me, flowers, and fish and insects have a common wife … How does marine animals evolve into land animals? What do you think of animals that only climb ashore? It has been 13.8 billion years from the Big Bang, but it only takes one meal to understand this process.

In this book, as large as the planet, as small as particles, they all survived. They "appeared", traced back to the origin of the universe, and asked the common ancestors of the creature.

The painting style is exaggerated and funny, and the character image is full of cuteness.

From cells to animals, each character has its own small expression.

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