The spoon penalty looks simple,But it’s not easy to get out,After all, that requires better control of football。Not too strong,It’s easy to pick out the beam when it’s too big;The strength can’t be too small,It will give the goalkeeper time to react,Save the football again……

the most important is,Keep your mentality stable,Can’t be impatient。
“Hey!Hu Lai,What are you doing standing stupidly?Was it shocked by the murderous aura of the door god like me??”Meng Xi in front of the door twisted her body for a while,But found Hu Lai indifferent,So shouted。
In this penalty kick,He just made three consecutive penalty kicks,It’s the most powerful moment,Full of confidence。
Seeing Meng Xi triumphantly,Hu Lai smiled,Start running。
His approach speed is not slow,It feels like I want to use the power of sprinting,Volley。
Meng Xi in front of the door didn’t twist her body anymore,But leaned down,While spreading arms,Force the left thigh,Tight knees and ankles,Ready to kick out and pounce to the right——He predicted that Hu Lai would kick the football to the right,Because Hu Lai is a right-footed player。Generally speaking, those who are good at which foot tends to subconsciously kick the football to which side。
But when he flew out,But I found that the football was running towards the middle road I just stood on!
Not a strong volley,But draws a parabola in the air,Flirtatiously fell into the goal!
Spoon penalty!
“Haha!Meng Xi is flat!”
“Hu Deputy Niubi!”
On the court,The players were in an uproar。
Although the spoon penalty is no stranger,But there are really not many people who can have the courage to play like this。
Li Ziqiang who saw this scene nearby narrowed his eyes,About the candidate for the penalty kick,He has a decision in his heart。
“Eh?I’ll take a penalty kick?”In the queue,Hu Lai pointed at herself in surprise。

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