Don’t know,Wang Jiadong said:“I object!”

When Shu Qing heard Wang Jiadong say against,Immediately pin his hopes on Wang Jiadong。
Wang Jiadong said:“If together,Then I only work once,Happy once,If the quantity order is over,I can work twice、Happy twice,So i object。”
Gu Zhuo raised his hand and said:“I also object。”
Peng Changyi said:“Your objection is invalid,I am daddy,Most authoritative。”
Gu Zhuo said:“So Xiaoshu is still the child’s mother?Why don’t you ask mom for advice?”
When Peng Changyi heard this,,Just startled,Then she looked at Shu Qing and said:“His mother,what is your opinion?”
Shu Qing smiled,Said softly:“I am consistent with you。”
Peng Changyi,Big hand wave,Said:“Deal!”
“Hahaha。”Everyone laughed。
A candle is inserted in both cakes,Peng Changyi first put the birthday hat on Dabao’s head,Put on Erbao again,Finally put it on,Gu Zhuo took out the prepared camera long ago,Take pictures separately。
Jiang Fan suggested that everyone take a family portrait。
When taking a complete family portrait,Everyone seated,Officially opened。

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